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Kelvinator Air Conditioners 1.65 Ton White Split Inverter KAS-I18CPTC 3 Star ( upto 110% cooling)



Kelvinator Air Conditioners 1.5 Ton White Split Inverter KAS-I18CPTC 3 Star BEE Rating

Highlights :
1.5 ton Capacity 3star rated
LED Panel Display
Remote Control, Timer
Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode
Cooling Capacity-5050W
Electricity Consumption-1012 Unit Per Year

Blue Fin Coating: Blue Fin Coating is a technology used in some air conditioners and heat pumps. It is a protective coating applied to the condenser coil to provide corrosion resistance and increase the durability of the unit. It helps to prevent damage caused by environmental factors such as salt, humidity, and pollutants.

SwitchTon: I couldn’t find any specific information regarding “SwitchTon” in the context of a television or consumer electronics. It’s possible that it may refer to a proprietary feature or technology used by BPL, but without more information, I can’t provide any specific details.

Twin TechVanced+ Inverter Compressor: Again, I couldn’t find any information about “Twin TechVanced+ Inverter Compressor” specifically related to a television. Inverter compressors are commonly used in air conditioners and refrigerators to provide variable speed control for energy efficiency and precise temperature control. It’s possible that this feature is related to an air conditioner or refrigerator model from BPL.

SmartFiltAir: “SmartFiltAir” is not a term commonly associated with televisions. It’s possible that it might refer to a specific air filtration system or technology used in air purifiers or air conditioners, but I couldn’t find any specific information related to this term in the context of a television.

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