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Watch 8 Ultra Calling 24k Bluetooth Fitness Smartwatch Smartwatch (Gold Strap, Free Size)



Watch 8 Ultra Calling 24k Bluetooth Fitness Smartwatch Smartwatch  (Gold Strap, Free Size)

The ideal everyday companion to keep you informed and active is the Watch8 extreme smartwatch. Daily step, calorie, and distance tracking are standard and encourage more frequent standing. The reflective always-on screen shows all of your phone’s app notifications, including calendar alerts, text messages (you can see the whole text), Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat and more. It is easily viewable in bright sunshine or inside. Every sport tracking mode offers thorough statistics. When you rejuvenate, the watch can track specific aspects of your sleep, such as length, periods of deep and light sleep, and awake times. Keep track of regular activities and sports like cycling, walking, and running both inside and outside.The display is always on and well visible in bright environments.If you can’t use it in the shower or the pool, it has a distance counter, sleep monitor (sleep time and sleep), heart rate monitor, and multiple movement patterns that are concerned with your health at all times. a large, high-resolution colour touch screen Touch sensitive keys provide quick and simple operation. There is no warranty for this item. Corning Gorilla Glass protection on a coloured IPS LCD display? Use a screen that is 1.3 inches bigger, Larger, clearer text, high-sensitivity touch, the screen’s ability to perform a variety of tasks, including smart call reminder, Bluetooth camera, step, calorie, sleep, and heart rate monitoring, as well as the ability to quickly view a variety of functions, are all advantages of the new screen. From that point forward, the smart life begins. The bracelet has a lattice pattern in the form of diamonds. The TPU material is soft, smooth, and kind to the skin.


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